Life Coaching Service

I am not just a massage therapist in Croydon. I am very proud to offer life coaching services, also! I am a registered life coach with a Diploma in Life Coaching. I specialise in helping you develop greater control over your life, improving your self-worth and achieving what you want from your time. Do you feel like your life is out of control? Like the world is too much for you? My life coaching sessions help to get you back on track, identify your strengths and progress to the best version of yourself. If this sounds like something you could benefit from, then get in touch to discuss the service further.

Seem familiar?

  • I am indecisive and find decision-making hard.
  • I do not understand what goes on in my head or why I think or do the things that I do.
  • My life feels aimless.
  • I struggle with making myself heard in social scenarios.
  • I feel trapped in my own head and do not know how to break out.
  • I want to feel more confident and have more self-worth

These are incredibly hard things to admit to ourselves, let alone address. If you do however, feel like these speak to you, then life coaching might just be the way forward. Call me on 07496 531 307 to arrange a session soon.

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How does it work?

A life coaching session will take the form of what is, essentially, an informal chat with a cup of tea or coffee. It will be very relaxed, with no pressure whatsoever to give the “right” answers, because there are none. There is only who you are, what you feel and what you want from life.

If you are not comfortable being cooped up at home, we can head to the big green space at the end of my road to walk and talk, break down any insecurities and get you on track. In one of my life coaching sessions, we will go through your life goals, what motivates you, find out what mindset you are in and address your worries and anxieties. All this will help you in your journey toward self-knowledge, mental wellbeing and contentedness.




Life coaching in Croydon. Multi-racial people.


What are the benefits of life coaching?

  • Identify your personal values and goals.
  • Practice self-empowerment.
  • Plan for your future.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Learn what motivates you and put that into practice.
  • Develop innate skills and personal confidence.
  • Improve your charisma.




Life coaching in Croydon. Laughing group of diverse people.

Counting The Cost

While I am a certified life coach and take your uncertainty, along with my ability to help, seriously, I place no specific price on one of my life coaching sessions. Rather, I encourage a £25 donation for each hour of my time.

If you believe you could benefit from one of my life coaching sessions, get in touch through my contact form, give me a call on 07496 531 307 or send an email to to book yourself in for a cup of tea and a discussion.

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